Professional Bio

Dr. Yasin Choudry is a medical doctor. He is board certified in Psychiatry, Integrative Medicine and Addiction Medicine (triple boarded). He is also a certified teacher of several forms of yoga and also Ayurveda. He is an expert in the integrative and holistic treatments of addictions and complex psychiatric disorders. He specializes in the medication-assisted and integrative treatments of opioid use disorders. He has more than a decade of experience treating thousands of patients who are on the crossroad of chronic pain and trauma (PTSD) alongside complex mental illness and addictions. 


Dr. Choudry is also a fearless activist and healer and has spent the last two decades of his life in the discovery and implementation of holistic and integrative treatment protocols ("Radical Recovery") which allow individuals to experience deep and long lasting healing from their psychiatric and addictive disorders. He guides people into high levels of health and wellness and promotes and encourages techniques and lifestyles whereby people can thrive maximally in recovery.


Dr. Choudry is a living example of what he teaches. The main focus of his work is to discover, develop and implement personal and global solutions for addictive and psychiatric disorders. 



Me in 30 Seconds …

- favorite indulgence is attending spiritual retreats e.g. Deepak Chopra’s Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat

- favorite book is Eckhart Tolle’s - A New Earth

- biggest weaknesses have been sugar, money and the need to have 'more'. I am now in recovery from these addictions

-  favorite way to sweat is CrossFit and Yoga