Hi, I'm Yasin Choudry. Welcome to Radical Recovery. You would benefit from my work if you: 


1) have a psychiatric disorder and want to know about the most effective  integrative-holistic-functional approach for treatment available in the world 


2) are taking psychiatric medication and want to experience peak healing and recovery


3) have a history of or active addiction (alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, food, others) and want to find out how people just like you have fully and permanently recovered 


4) are diabetic, obese or tired and want to totally transform your body and your life


5) have a medical, psychiatric or addictive disorder and want to live the healthiest lifestyle ever 



Let me tell you a little about my training, experience and professional background:


1) I am a healer, teacher and activist


2) A medical doctor, Board Certified In Integrative & Holistic Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry And Functional Medicine (underway) 


3) Extensively and deeply trained in the most effective eastern healing traditions including Shamanic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Yoga and Ayurveda 


4) worked as an integrative addiction psychiatrist for the last 12 years and have treated over 50,000 patients (yes I have been very busy, usually working all 7 days) in various clinical settings including outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospital, residential, inpatient. jail, state prison, federal prison and high security federal prison. I have often worked with the sickest populations that other doctors do not want to work with due to their complexity 


5) conducted more than 2 dozen clinical trials on the most commonly used psychiatric drugs for various psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and various addictions including opioid use disorders 


6) Psychiatry-Medical director at various outpatient, intensive outpatient, residential and inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers 


7) Assistant Professor of Addiction Psychiatry



I am in the world to help discover, develop and implement personal and global solutions to addictive behaviors and mental illness and to create programs for radical healing and recovery from addictive and psychiatric disorders

What Is Radical Recovery  

Radical Recovery is a program for peak healing and recovery. It is the result of my personal explorations in deeper healing practices and a deep evidence-based look at the personal journeys of almost one hundred people who have experienced complete remission from serious psychiatric and addictive disorders.  

Back in the 1990’s it was widely believed that individuals with serious addictive disorders (e.g. intravenous heroin addiction) who also had a serious mental illness (e.g. Bipolar Disorder) could not be cured and that they needed to be in treatment and take medications for the rest of their life and that they die prematurely. Similarly, it was thought that once you became a diabetic or developed heart disease, that this was permanent. 

In the last 10 years I have met and interviewed more than one hundred people who have fully healed and recovered from their addictions and serious psychiatric disorders. Only a small minority of those who are seriously affected fully heal and recover. Radical Recovery is the in-depth, systematic exploration of the healing and recovery process of this small minority of people.

I am always been on the lookout for the most effective healing techniques and lifestyles which anyone can follow to radically heal and recover from severe, life threatening addictions, psychiatric and chronic medical disorders. Radical Recovery is that combination of effective techniques and life-plan.  

Over the years I have tried hundreds of techniques and modalities on myself and in various clinical settings and have been able to pare down the list to the most powerful and useful ones. Radical Recovery is that selection.

Despite so much information being available online, a lot of people feel overwhelmed and are still unable to find their own personal healing path. When it comes to treatment, healing and recovery, people do not know what to believe and what not to believe; who to trust and who not to trust. Radical Recovery will allow you to EMPOWER YOURSELF yourself and develop your own healing and recovery plan, personalized to your own problems, life path and goals.

Radical Recovery will also guide and support you in dropping dysfunctional patterns that are blocking you from reaching your full potential in life and help unlock your genius.



Is Radical Recovery For You?

Radical recovery is certainly NOT for everyone. Radical Recovery is NOT for you if:

1) You are looking for a quick fix and unwilling to do the deeper inner work of healing and recovery

2) Still believe that there is a pill that will fix you

3) Attached to playing the 'victim' role instead of seeking mastery 


You Are Ready For Radical Recovery If You Are 

1) Open minded and looking for self empowerment   

2) Open to viewing new information objectively through the lense of your own experience

3) Willing to simplify your life in order to carve out time to do deep inner healing work

4) You are able and willing to say the following "I am willing to go to any lengths to experience radical healing and recovery”


Development Timeline Of Radical Recovery 


Stage 1 (1995 - 2009) Found out through personal practice and experience what is not working in the current treatment system and began exploring indigenous-integrative healing systems

Stage 2 (2009 - 2014) Went deeper in my exploration of the most effective and promising healing-recovery modalities

Stage 3 (2014 - 2019) Is the stage of deeper scientific exploration of Radical Recovery practices and protocols alongside industry experts

Stage 4 (2019 - 2023) I will publish the results and implement Radical Recovery protocols in Intentional Community Models  

How To Get Involved


Start by signing up for my newsletter and updates below. I plan to open the community up to new members in mid-2018 and you will receive that invitation when the time is right.   


I understand that some patients may seek to speak with me personally. I limit 1:1 assessments in order to focus on my creative work. However, I do keep some time free every week in order to connect with patients and do clinical assessments on skype or phone if needed. So do not hesitate to reach out to me if you believe that I can hep you. 


You can send me an email with the subject line "CONTACT" and tell me exactly what you need help with and I will get back with you.  



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Question: Are you saying that following the Radical Recovery plan will cure me from my addictive and psychiatric disorders?


Answer: No, I am not making this promise. Radical Recovery is an in depth exploration of the experience of real people who have created or experienced full cure and remission from their addictions and major psychiatric and medical disorders.


If you follow the Radical Recovery protocols, remission is possible, but results will vary between subjects and there is no guarantee that you will be cured.


Please consult a licensed and trained professional before making any changes in your lifestyle or medications. Watching my videos or reading my blog does NOT constitute a patient-doctor relationship between us. What I offer is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or used to diagnose or treat medical or psychiatric conditions.